What not to forget to do when moving houseThink about this: moving house would have been so much easier if we were robots. Right?

Lifting and carrying heavy items would not be a problem at all, we would have at least 2x more time to finish the tasks that need to be finished (robots don’t sleep, remember?), we would work faster and more efficiently without feeling tired or not-in-the-mood-to-pack-today (the occasional charging still remains though), and as an added bonus – we would never ever forget to do something important thanks to the amazing capacity of the positronic brain to store infinite bits of information.

But we’re only humans so we tend to forget essential things, especially when we find ourselves in stressful situations – like a household move, for example. Fail to complete an important task prior to Moving day and you may easily end up losing time or money, or often both.

Here are the top 10 things people forget to do when moving house. And very soon you yourself will know what not to forget to do when moving, so needless to say, remember to do all those things before it’s too late.

Here we go:

1. To create a moving checklist

One of the things people forget when moving house is to organize their time properly through the creation of a moving checklist. One thing is clear – time management is crucial to the success of a house move.

If there’s no clear idea of what to do, when to do it, and what follows next, it’s easy for people to get confused in the multitude of move-related tasks, and then lose precious time as a result of the unintentional mismanagement of the weeks, days and hours until Moving day.

One of the worst-case scenarios when moving house is to not have enough time to get ready to move out, especially when a moving company has already been scheduled to arrive on a specific date. So, what can you do to prevent such detrimental loss of time?

Regardless of how much time you actually have to prepare for your own household move – as much as two months (or more) or as little as 1 week (or less!), don’t forget to create a moving timeline with all the jobs you just must complete on time – neatly arranged, personalized and prioritized.

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Compare moving companies

Don’t forget to compare various moving companies before saying Yes.

2. To compare various moving companies

When moving to a new house, people often forget that they have choices when it comes to hiring professional moving services. And good choices at that!

The fact that one moving company offers their services and quotes a specific price doesn’t and shouldn’t mean that people on the move are obliged to say Yes. Choosing to hire professionals to help with the toughest aspects of residential moving is all about exploring all available choices when it comes to price, services, and conditions.

Don’t say Yes to the very first offer that comes your way. Sure, you can still agree to go with that initial quote but you should do so only after you’ve taken a good look at your other options.

Don’t forget to compare various movers before you make up your mind. Request moving estimates from a few licensed and insured professional moving companies /remember to have those moving quotes after in-home visits/, compare the offered prices and additional services, check their online reputation by reading customer reviews and ratings, and make an informed decision you will not regret later.

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3. To collect important documents and records

The preparation period to move out of one home and move into another is a time when the attention should be turned not to one or two tasks, but to scores of jobs at the same time. And when people think about too many things at once, then forgetting to do something becomes commonplace.

Amidst the crazy busy pre-move period, what not to forget when moving house is to arrange the transfer of your school-aged child’s school records to the educational facility in the destination city (if applicable). Also, request all medical records from your family physician – the same medical documents you will be asked to present in order to register with a new health care provider upon arrival.

Don’t forget to gather all important documents /personal, employment, housing, legal, financial, motor vehicle, medical, school, and moving documents/ in one place and take them with you while completing the household move. Do not make the mistake of handing essential papers to your mover no matter how trustworthy the company seems.

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4. To take the pet for a check-up

As mentioned above, people tend to get preoccupied, worried and stressed out whenever a house move approaches, so it’s easier than ever for a notable task to slip their minds. That is also true for pet owners when the main focus is (slightly) shifted to the high priority job ahead of them. As a result, another thing that people forget when moving into a new house is to take their pets to the vet for a complete check-up prior to the moving trip.

It’s important to know that your pet is healthy enough to endure the journey without any problems – dogs, cats, and birds can have a rough time when taken out of their comfort zones and moved to a strange place. The acclimatization period is no joke for sensitive pet animals either.

Don’t forget to respond to your pet’s needs by taking them to see a licensed veterinarian before you hit the road. Request your pet’s immunization records and any other documentation required for registration with another pet doctor in a new place. The specialist may suggest special anti-anxiety medication for your pet – discuss the issue to reach a mutually beneficial decision.

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5. To take only useful things

Things you forget when moving

You’re not really taking all of your shoes to your new home, are you?

Moving house is a time when every opportunity for saving money should be carefully examined and taken advantage of without too much hesitation. Why? It’s simple: moving costs are notorious for being too high even if no professional moving services are used.

Oftentimes, what people forget when moving is that it’s up to them to use smart techniques to bring down the relocation costs. Why pay more when you can pay less, right?

One of the best ways to save money when moving to another city is to take only the things that are really necessary and get rid of the rest. Viewed as an excellent chance to remove items nobody will ever need, moving with fewer possessions automatically means a more affordable final bill thanks to the lower shipment weight and the reduced packing and moving times.

Don’t forget to make a detailed inventory of your entire home and get rid of anything that stopped being useful a long time ago. Organize a moving sale to pocket some cash, give unwanted but still usable household items to friends, or donate them to charity.

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6. To get hold of free packing boxes

Whenever there’s a house move coming around the corner, people sometimes forget that there is more than one way to complete some of the tasks during the preparation period. And more importantly, some of those alternative ways of doing things will actually prove to be cost-effective – a bonus that is hard to turn down considering the average moving costs in general.

You can purchase all packing materials brand new and get a step closer to making sure your things will be well protected until they reach your new home. But that decision will cost you, sometimes more than you suspect. Don’t forget that you can also choose to obtain some of those packing supplies for free or for a minimal fee, especially when it comes to free cardboard boxes.

Don’t forget to ask friends, neighbors, and coworkers if they have any cardboard boxes they don’t plan to use again, especially if you know they have moved home recently. Other great sources for free moving boxes in good condition are supermarkets, bookstores, office supply shops, and other large-scale businesses.

To find alternative padding and wrapping materials completely free of charge, all you have to do is take a good look around your own home.

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7. To pack an essentials box

Things people forget to pack when moving

How is your house moving survival kit coming along?

A classic example of the things people forget to pack is an essentials box filled with all kinds of life-savers that they will do need until they get access to their normal everyday household belongings once more. Unfortunately, of all the things one might forget when moving house, failure to pack such survival kits can really complicate things for the next few days or so while the shipment gets delivered to your new home’s door.

Don’t forget to pack an essentials box with prescription medication, extra clothes for each family member, kitchen utensils, toiletries, a set of hand tools, a flashlight, important documentation, valuables, and any other items you just need to have with you at all times.

Be careful not to leave such special boxes to be taken by your movers by mistakes – write DO NOT MOVE on the cartons just in case.

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8. To label all packed boxes

Some people never get around to labeling the boxes they have just packed either because they forget to do it, or because they underestimate the importance of the action itself. Interestingly, labeling cardboard boxes is part of the packing process and failure to do it is like failure to close the lids of the box and tape it.

What’s the big deal of forgetting to write down the content of the box, the destination room and possible handling instructions? The main problem is that moving boxes kind of look the same from the outside, so once you have them delivered inside your new home, you’ll be at a loss what’s inside each one. Not to mention that your movers will need to just pile them up in one room as they won’t be able to know which room each box should be taken to.

Don’t forget to label the packing boxes – it’s a simple task that will save you so much time, confusion and headaches later on. Follow a good packing checklist so that you won’t skip that important step.

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9. To observe major safety rules

Out of the list of things not to forget when moving house, the most important entry is to observe all safety measures so no one involved in the house move ends up with a personal injury of any sort. People tend to neglect some basic safety measures thinking that nothing bad will happen to them. Until the moment that it does.

Keep in mind that safety is your number one priority, and everything else comes second. If you intend to pack up and relocate some of the heavier items by yourself, make sure you have the proper moving equipment such as a moving dolly, furniture sliders, and straps to avoid property damage and injuries.

Yes, it’s the bulkier furniture pieces and heavier household items that often prove to be the problematic ones. Get enough friends to help you move, use the proper lifting and carrying techniques when handling big furniture or large electric appliances.

Things not to forget when moving

It must feel nice to be getting your mail again.

Most importantly, don’t forget that you don’t have to do all those challenging tasks on your own – professional assistance is just around the corner.

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10. To redirect the mail

More often than not, the things you forget when moving out are the things you never thought were actually important until you reach your new apartment or house. And when you do, you’ll soon start wondering why things are not running like they should. For example, why is your new home’s mailbox still empty after more than 10 days at the new place?

To redirect the mail by changing the home address with the US Postal Services is definitely one of the most forgotten things when moving to a new home. That change of address task is often given a low priority, and that often proves to be a mistake in the end.

Don’t forget to find time to change your address with the USPS, either in person or through their website. Also, if applicable, leave some money with a trusted neighbor so that they can keep forwarding your mail until the new address change takes effect.

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