How to pack jewelry for movingPacking jewelry for moving can be a challenging task regardless of whether you’re moving locally or moving long distance across the country. The difficulty of protecting, packing and transporting jewelry pieces is a direct result of 3 major factors: 1) necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings can be both expensive and valuable, so you’re going to have to dedicate time and efforts to keep them protected during the move, 2) most jewelry pieces are super delicate and may break fairly easily, often as a result of getting tangled in one another or being pressed too hard, and 3) some jewelry pieces are rather small and can definitely get misplaced or lost during the home moving process.

When packing jewelry for a move, you can’t expect to throw all your body ornaments into a cardboard box with no protection whatsoever and hope that everything will be fine after the move. Don’t do it.

Instead, get familiar with the best way to pack jewelry for moving.

Find below some great tips for packing jewelry when moving – from the initial sorting and arrangement of your precious pieces to their actual wrapping, packing, and transportation.

What to do before packing your jewelry for a move

Packing your jewelry when moving home can take a bit of your time – you should be ready to spare more than just 5-10 minutes if you wish to complete this packing task properly. In reality, sorting out your ornament pieces should be quick, but then you’ll have to make sure you have the right packing materials, and finally, to know how to protect each type of jewelry you own.

Here are a couple of things you are both expected and recommended to do prior to packing your jewelry for moving:

1. Sort out your jewelry pieces

It’s time to sort out your jewelry – something you may have postponed for far too long. Lay a few large sheets of paper on a flat surface – a table, a bed, or even the floor, and arrange all of the jewelry pieces you own on the clean paper sheets. Then, arrange your pieces by type because that’s the way you’re going to pack them next.

The purpose of this jewelry sorting task is not to save you extra space (most pieces are small enough to fit anywhere, really), but to save you time because each and every bit will require some time to be properly protected for the relocation journey.

So, make sure you optimize your jewelry collection prior to packing it. Consider getting rid of any pieces that are too worn out, cheap enough to be discarded and without any sentimental value too. People change, and so do their tastes and preferences. Fashion changes drastically too, so keep all those things in mind while going through your personal ornaments.

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2. Secure the right jewelry packing materials

One thing is clear – you’re going to need proper packing materials to be able to pack your jewelry safely. Be forewarned that some of the packing supplies may seem too unusual, weird even, but that’s quite ok – after all, being creative is part of the fun when packing jewelry for a move.

  • How to keep necklaces from getting tangled?

    You never thought drinking straws can keep necklaces from getting tangled, did you?

    Packing paper. Get your hands on soft packing paper. DO NOT use newspapers to wrap your precious pieces.

  • Bubble wrap. Secure enough bubble wrap – the packing material that offers the best protection for fragile items.
  • Plastic wrap. Yes, you’re going to need plastic wrap to keep your ornament pieces safe.
  • Sealable plastic bags. These plastic containers can be pretty useful for storing really small jewelry.
  • Cardboard. Cardboard cutouts will do a good job keeping your earrings safe. Read on for more info.
  • Drinking straws. Good for keeping necklaces and pendants from getting tangled in each other. Find more details below.
  • Rolls of toilet paper. The usage of empty toilet paper rolls s a rather unusual but effective way to keep necklaces and bracelets protected during a move.
  • Egg cartons, sunglasses cases, and pill organizers. You don’t have to use those alternative packing materials to protect your jewelry collection on the road, but as you’ll see below, there are a number of advantages of using those alternative packing supplies.
  • Rubber bands. Inexpensive rubber bands are excellent for holding together wrapped-up bundles.
  • Packing tape. One roll of packing tape should be enough for the completion of the packing task. NEVER use tape directly onto the surface of your jewelry.

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How to pack jewelry in a jewelry box

If you do own a jewelry box, then the task of packing your personal body ornaments should be a piece of cake, at least in most cases. Jewelry boxes are designed to keep and protect most types of jewelry pieces, so you should find the packing process pretty straightforward.

A jewelry box offers a double protection for your valuables: on the INSIDE it’s lined with soft thick cloth, usually felt, while on the OUTSIDE it’s protected by a sturdy material – either wood or metal, or something similar that is hard enough to provide a good level of safety.

  • How to pack a jewelry box

    Your precious jewelry will be 100% safe in your jewelry box, but what if you’re moving home very soon and you don’t have such a box at hand?

    Step 1. Arrange carefully your jewelry pieces in the box. The good news is that most jewelry boxes have separate sections (compartments) for the various types of ornaments.

  • Step 2. Use soft packing paper, whenever necessary, to protect some of your smallest pieces.
  • Step 3. Use pieces of clean paper or bubble wrap to fill up any empty spaces inside the box. Remember that none of your jewelry should be moving inside during transport.
  • Step 4. Shut the jewelry box when ready arranging the different pieces, wrap it in a few sheets of packing paper, and you’re done.

That was pretty easy, wasn’t it? Remember the transportation of your jewelry box is entirely your obligation – DO NOT hand it over to your movers not matter how reputable and professional the hired workers seem and act.

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How to pack NECKLACES for moving

There’s one major problem you will face when packing necklaces for moving – their long chains can easily get tangled in each other and break as a result of that entanglement. Therefore, your focus when packing pendants for a move is to protect their fragile metal chains.

Here’s how to pack necklaces so that they don’t tangle:

  • Step 1. Take a drinking straw and cut it to match the length of the chain of a necklace. Then, slip one end of the chain through the straw and clasp it shut at the other end. This protection method works only for necklaces and pendants that have thin and delicate chains.
  • Step 2. Protect any thick-chained necklaces you own by slipping those chains them through rolls of toilet paper or kitchen paper. It goes without saying that the rolls should be empty and clean.
  • Step 3. Use plastic wrap over each necklace or pendant whose chain you have already secured. The thin plastic film will fix your jewelry pieces in place.
  • Step 4. Wrap each piece in packing paper to protect it against external factors that can harm it.
  • Step 5. Use bubble wrap as the final outer protective layer, especially if your necklaces and pendants are pretty expensive and rather delicate.
  • Step 6. Use rubber bands or a bit of tape to keep the small packages from opening during transport.
  • Step 7. Place the protected necklaces and pendants into sealable plastic bags to keep moisture away from your valuable pieces.
  • Step 8. Arrange the small bundles into a cardboard box with suitable size – a shoe box will work fine in most cases.

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How to pack BRACELETS for moving

There are many types of bracelets (bangle bracelets, cuff bracelets, chain bracelets, leather bracelets, precious gemstone bracelets, beaded bracelets, multi-strand bracelets, etc.), so the proper way to pack your bracelets will depend on their specification.

  • How to pack jewelry for a move

    You must know the proper way to protect your jewelry when moving to a new home because some pieces will be simply irreplaceable.

    Step 1. Use a drinking straw to protect bracelets consisting of single elegant chains (see above for more information).

  • Step 2. Wrap carefully each bracelet with soft packing paper.
  • Step 3. Place a piece of bubble wrap over a part of the bracelet that is especially fragile (a gemstone, a charm, an ornament, etc.), then fix that piece in place using tape or rubber bands. DO NOT use bubble wrap directly over the delicate section – instead, make sure the initial protective layer is white packing paper.
  • Step 4. Place plastic wrap over the paper-protected bracelet to keep it all safe and secure.
  • Step 5. Arrange your safeguarded bracelets into the same box where you have packed your necklaces.

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How to pack EARRINGS for moving

It’s important to know how to pack earrings for moving because these jewelry pieces are considered to be the most fragile ones, and thus – the most challenging to protect during a move.

Luckily for you, there a number of good ways to make sure your earrings won’t get entangled in one another or hooked together. More importantly, you need to pay special attention when protecting their precious stones or super delicate hooks.

Here are the best ways to pack earrings for a move:

Method 1: Cardboard cutouts / Business cards

This earrings packing method is aimed at protecting long earrings with hooks but it’s also suitable for stud earrings as well.

  • Step 1. Cut out cardboard pieces approximately the size of a business card. If you have useless business cards lying around, then just use them instead. Each cutout or card will be used for one pair of earrings.
  • Step 2. Poke two holes in each cardboard piece or card using a safety pin.
  • Step 3. Slide the hooks of a pair of earrings through the tiny holes.
  • Step 4. Wrap each cardboard cutout or business card in plastic wrap to immobilize the bundle.
  • How to pack earrings for a move

    Keep your earrings safe during the house move.

    Step 5. Pack the bundle in packing paper for extra protection.

  • Step 6. Consider adding a final layer of bubble wrap if the earrings are extremely fragile or extremely expensive.
  • Step 7. Place each pair of earrings into an individual plastic bag (Ziploc bag) to guarantee safe transportation.
  • Step 8. Transfer the protected earrings into the box where you’ve already arranged your necklaces and bracelets.

Method 2: Pill organizers / Sunglasses cases

Day-of-the-week pill organizers and hard cases from sunglasses are two ideal containers for storing and transporting earrings during a home move, especially small stud earrings.

  • Step 1. Wrap each individual earring into small pieces of soft packing paper, then wrap the two of them together into a large paper sheet.
  • Step 2. Place each protected pair of earrings into an individual slot of the pill organizer. Alternatively, transfer all of them into the hard sunglasses case.
  • Step 3. Wrap the entire pill case in stretch wrap, then do one final layer of packing paper, and fix with tape. Do the same with the hard-shell case of your reading glasses or sunglasses.
  • Step 4. Transfer the pill case or the sunglasses case into the cardboard box you’ve selected for moving your jewelry to the new home.

Note: Use only a spare sunglasses case to house your earrings. DO NOT risk any damage to a good pair of reading glasses or sunglasses in order to keep your earrings safe. After all, there is more than one good way to pack earrings for moving.

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How to pack RINGS for moving

When it comes to packing rings for a move, be extra cautious when protecting gemstone rings because those stones can be easily damaged during the transportation phase. Unless they are well-protected prior to the move, of course.

Method 1: Egg cartons

Interestingly enough, an egg carton is an ideal container to store and transport your rings during a house move. Here’s how to pack rings when moving:

  • How to pack rings for moving

    Sometimes it takes a bit of creativity to keep your jewelry safe during the move.

    Step 1. Wrap each ring in soft packing paper.

  • Step 2. Use pieces of bubble wrap over the gems of gemstone rings.
  • Step 3. Place each wrapped-up ring into a random cup of the egg carton for safekeeping.
  • Step 4. Place a bit of cotton or tiny pieces of paper into each compartment to fill the remaining space above the ring. Keep in mind that smaller rings can be placed safely inside one and the same cup – safely, because the jewelry pieces have already been wrapped in packing paper.
  • Step 5. Wrap the entire egg carton in stretch wrap when you’ve filled all the cups or when you have no more rings to place inside. The plastic wrap will keep the protected rings in place.
  • Step 6. Place the perfectly immobilized egg carton into the box you’ve picked for your temporary make-shift jewelry box.

Method 2: Pill organizers / Sunglasses cases

Follow the same packing steps for packing earrings with the help of day-of-the-week pill organizers and hard cases from sunglasses.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep your jewelry with you at all times. Do not entrust any of them to the moving company. If you cannot take your jewelry pieces with you for some reason or another, consider shipping them with a trustworthy courier service provider such as UPS, FedEx, and so on. Make sure you purchase adequate insurance for your valuable pieces prior to shipping them.

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