Guide to moving to a new stateHas the time come for you to move to another state? If so, you are expected to have a rather busy schedule in the following months or maybe even weeks of preparation. Do you think you’re up to the relocation challenges as things stand right now?

Regardless of whether you believe the upcoming change is a good idea or not, the mere fact that you’ve made up your mind to leave the borders of your current state means that you must be really interested in learning the required steps to moving to a new state.

As you might already know, planning, organizing and executing a successful out of state move is anything but a joke. In fact, it’s proven that the preparation stage is the key to the preservation of your budget, prized possessions, and of course – your nervous system as well.

The following tips for moving to another state will surely make both your preparation and execution stages much more manageable from start to finish.

Reasons to move to another state

Your reasons to move to a new state can range from being

  • strictly personal (moving closer to your family, moving in together with your loved one, running away from bad memories or lingering bad luck, enjoying your Golden years),
  • largely economical (moving to another state for a better job, moving to a cheaper city, downsizing for reducing maintenance costs),
  • strictly professional (moving up the corporate ladder or pursuing a new career altogether),
  • purely circumstantial (moving to an area with a more favorable climate, moving to a better neighborhood or school district), or
  • maybe even a complicated mix of the above influential factors that will be pushing you hard towards Moving day.

No matter the true reason or reasons for wanting to move to another state, it’s the preparation stage ahead of you that will determine whether you end the moving journey with a smile on your face or a splitting headache. In fact, it’s the things you do before moving to a new state that will make all the difference in your long distance relocation.

Make sure you follow the brief moving to a new state checklist below to get yourself ready for one of life’s most stressful and nerve-wracking events.

Things to do before moving to another state

It’s fairly important to keep in mind that the moment you begin your moving preparations is the exact moment you should have a clear idea of how to organize your time effectively so that not a single day is lost. As it turns out, sometimes hours alone can prove to be vital while preparing to move to another state, so get down to work right away.

Create a moving calendar

Cost of moving to a new state

Setting a moving budget is one of your top priorities when moving to another state.

As you must be aware by now, time is a constant by which we set our daily schedules and plan our days ahead. Nevertheless, once you begin work on the required tasks, you will soon understand that time is also relative to the observer – in other words, you may feel as if time had quickened its pace towards the deadline and the only way you can break free from that stress-inducing feeling is to make each hour count.

Do just that by creating a moving and packing timeline which will detail every single job you are expected and encouraged to complete before your state to state movers arrive at your door. It takes only 3 easy steps to prepare your moving planner:

  • First, write down all the tasks that you know you will have to deal with soon without worrying about their specific order. Check out our week-by-week moving timeline checklist for some good ideas and tips.
  • Then, leave only the tasks that are relevant in your relocation case and that will help you save valuable time. This is known as personalization and the moving calendar you’re creating won’t really be yours until you do it.
  • Finally, prioritize the move related jobs according to their importance and make sure the top-priority ones are completed first. This way, you should be covered whatever happens during the moving preparation.

Set a moving budget

When moving to a new state, it’s always a great idea to keep your expenditure in check throughout the process of moving from one home into another. And this is why you need a moving budget that actually works as it will help you monitor your move-related expenses. So, if a task requires more money for its completion, you should know right away and take the necessary steps to remedy the situation.

And since moving to another state is not the right time or the proper place to try to move on your own (long distance moves always prove more cost-effective when handled by a professional moving company), your moving budget should definitely take into account the accurate moving estimate you have received from your mover, including the corresponding additional services and the extra charges and fees. In short, the moving company expenses should be what your budget is all about.

Get rid of unwanted items

Here’s the deal – moving to another state is all about cutting down your costs as far as they can go. The move distance and the shipment weight are the two main factors that you can’t just ignore – on the contrary, you need to understand how they both influence the moving price so that you can save money in the end.

The move distance remains unchanged at all times so you need to focus on lowering the total weight of your shipment, and that you can easily do by reducing the number of items you plan to take with you. Inventory your entire home, take notice of each and every possession in the place where you live, including the ones you have forgotten about, and start making some tough decisions.

The underlying principle here is to get rid of anything you haven’t used in a while (12 months is a good reference point) and do not plan to use in the foreseeable future. Remember, less weight means reduction of the cost of moving to a new state. But that’s not all! Of all the things to do before moving to a new state, selling some of your items to strengthen your stretched-out budget is another viable option to consider. After all, organizing a moving sale before your interstate move can prove to be profitable for you.

Pack whatever you can by yourself

Organize a garage sale

Organize a yard sale to get rid of no longer wanted stuff and earn some needed dollar bills.

You may already be familiar with numerous tips for moving to a new state. And as long as those pieces of advice are good, some will eventually save you time while others will save you money. Either way, be ready to accept proven tips by experienced experts to make things way easier on yourself and your budget as well.

Speaking of good advice on moving to a new state, it’s time to seriously consider packing whatever household items you can by yourself and resort to professional packers only for the goods that require special packing and handling techniques – for example, a piano, a pool table, or a valuable piece of antique furniture.

Here are the 7 basic rules of self-packing:

  • Initiate the packing process as soon as possible as underestimation of the time required to sort out, prepare and box your stuff will only lead to bigger problems;
  • Start packing from the hardest rooms to pack up, usually the storage areas such as basements, attics, garages, and so on;
  • Make sure you have the necessary packing supplies before you begin preparing your items for transportation to prevent unpleasant and time-wasting interruptions;
  • Pack up the rooms you use least frequently first and then move on to the areas you occupy on daily basis to avoid cluttering up your packing stations;
  • Ask reliable friends to give you a hand as packing is, without a doubt, the most time consuming task in your moving calendar;
  • And finally, do not turn your back on safety! Safety when moving to another state is paramount so the last thing you want is to risk the well-being of your possessions and your property. When things get really tough, don’t hesitate to get in touch with professional packers and movers.

State to state movers: the key to success

Is moving to a new state hard? Yes, in most cases it is. Not surprisingly, one of the toughest aspects of moving long distance to another state is the number of important decisions you will have to tackle in the very beginning of your preparation period. The pressure is really on as you can’t let any bad decisions hamper the success of your mission, can you?

The most critical thing to decide will seem to be whether or not you should hire a state to state moving company to handle the tasks you can’t really do on your own – protecting valuable items through special packing techniques, moving heavy household items such as electric appliances or pieces of furniture, loading all your stuff into the moving vehicle in such a way as to save moving day time and storage space. Your main concern will be, of course, the price of the professional moving service. In fact, it’s fair to say that it’s the cost of moving to another state that will predetermine your actions.

State to state movers

Your state to state movers are on their way to your home – are you ready to meet them?

Here are a number of things to consider while you’re juggling the idea of whether hiring state to state movers is the preferred way to go here. To help you reach an informed decision, you must be perfectly aware that:

  • Moving locally or even into another home situated within the same town or city is very different than relocating hundreds or thousands of miles with no sufficient moving experience behind your back. The more the move distance is between the two homes, the greater the risk becomes for any courageous attempts at moving to a new state by yourself. Don’t forget that top state to state movers are adequately insured too.
  • The price of your interstate move can only be calculated with any degree of accuracy after a personal visit by a moving company representative. Too many factors are affecting the moving costs at the same time so you need an experienced expert to take a closer look at both your stuff for moving and your home to be able to give you an estimate you can trust.
  • The on-site estimation is the ideal time to discuss with the moving expert all the issues that may be troubling you and to inform him or her of any extra terms and conditions prior to moving day. Be as straightforward as you possibly can, for any important information you withhold on purpose will likely backfire on you later when the pros arrive for the serious business.
  • Are you running out of time? Professional movers tend to work fast without compromising moving day safety so they are your only option when the preparation window is too short for you anyway.
  • It’s normal to be nervous about moving to a new state – after all, this must be a big step for you. Add the accompanying stress, anxiety, fear, and sadness, and you will have an explosive cocktail of overwhelming feelings that won’t let you concentrate on the tasks at hand. So, leaving the worries of your long distance relocation is an excellent way to have some peace of mind and even turn your attention to saying goodbye to your good and loyal friends.

And now that you know why you should consider contacting a reputable out of state moving company, the next logical question is how to find the best state to state movers? The answer to that great question is not overly simple but you’re also fortunate enough to be just 31.5 steps away from locating the perfect moving partner for your upcoming cross country move.

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