City to city moving checklist

There can be plenty of reasons why you’re contemplating a house move right now. There’ll probably be one major reason to trigger the household move (like the end of a lease or a new job offer out of town, for example), and sometimes that main culprit may be accompanied by a number of smaller yet still significant reasons (like dissatisfaction with your current job or problems in your personal relationships).

But whatever the primary cause for the big change ahead of you, the final result is that you’re moving to another city soon and you still need to get ready for the Big day. And by getting ready, you should understand completing a ton of important tasks if you wish to have a successful move.

As you will find out soon enough, careful planning and meticulous preparation are everything when it comes to city to city moving – EVERYTHING! Don’t leave anything to chance but organize your time perfectly and make your new city move one for the books.

City to city movers: why you need the pros

Whether it’s voluntary or largely circumstantial, the decision to move to another city is the very first thing in a long line of pre-move jobs that you will be tackling one by one. A good job offer in another city is reason enough to get you to start packing up your stuff, as is the irresistible desire to follow your heart after having met someone special in another part of the country. What matters right now is that the day of your move is approaching fast and you will need to figure out a relocation strategy that will actually work.

The thing is that you will need the right approach to handle the house move because city to city moving is not to be underestimated. The question to answer here is whether or not you will resort to the services of professional new city movers. And if it turns out that you do, you should follow the logical steps of finding and hiring a city to city moving company that will be 1) agreeable to your moving budget, 2) responsive to your individual relocation needs, and 3) showing professional attitude toward the entire moving process.

Here are the 4 principal reasons you can end up making that first crucial contact with the moving experts:

  • Safe packing for a move

    When moving to another city, professional packing services may be exactly what you need.

    Time. Do you have to move out of your place fast, and if yes, just how fast? Lack of sufficient time to prepare properly for moving out is one of the common reasons why people choose to go with a professional moving company. The so-called emergency moves or short notice moves cannot be usually handled by non-professionals simply because the latter have not been trained to pack, protect, carry, and load heavy, large and awkwardly-shaped household items around the clock. When you do something on a daily basis, you tend to get good at it, don’t you? The majority of city to city moving companies know just how to keep a very high level of efficiency throughout the move by maintaining unrivaled speed and safety at the same time.

  • Safety. The safety of your possessions and your own health should be a big concern – something to seriously think about before moving from city to city. Safety is especially crucial during the packing stage where fragile and easily breakable items could get damaged or ruined forever unless they are professionally packed and adequately protected. Also, if you own things that are extremely valuable /antique furniture/ or exceptionally difficult to transport /a piano or a pool table/, then you won’t have much of a choice but to hire experts who know what they are doing. Risking irreparable damage to your prized items or risking your own health cannot possibly justify your informed(?) decision not to contact city to city movers.
  • Affordability. Moving locally to a place located just a short distance away from your current home, or moving within the same town or city, is usually a prerequisite for organizing an affordable self-move. However, if you plan to move to another city hundreds or thousands of miles away, then it’s good to remember that the right way to go is to hire city to city moving services. The numerous hidden costs of self-moves will prove, once again, that sometimes it’s much better to trust professionals than to risk your time, money, and health only to make a pointless statement.

The cost of moving from city to city

Without a doubt, you will be very interested in knowing the cost of moving from city to city before the arrival of moving day. This is so because

  • you will want to know if you have enough money saved to cover the moving costs in the first place,
  • you will want to exert control over the move-related expenses by creating and adhering to a relocation budget, and
  • you will want to avoid any unpleasant surprises when it’s time to pay for the services of your new city movers.

Be mindful that trying to guess by yourself how much the new city move will cost you simply won’t work. With the exception of the move distance that remains a constant value even if you wish it weren’t so, there’s no possible way for you learn how much all the stuff you’re moving will weigh, let alone how much you will be charged for the additional service of packing.

USEFUL STUFF: What are the average moving costs?

Failed attempts at guessing the cost of city to city moving can only lead to unmet expectations and general disappointment. Instead, complete the cost calculation the right way: first, know what factors will influence the final moving price, and then learn your own relocation cost with a good level of accuracy.

  • New city movers cost

    Even your modern robot bank won’t be of much help if you have no idea how much your new city movers will charge you.

    Due to the future transportation costs, the distance between the two cities will influence the final bill. You can’t expect little or no difference in the cost when moving from New York City to Salt Lake City on one hand, and when moving from New York City to Boston on the other one. After all, the difference is around 2000 miles!. But it’s also true that you won’t be able to do anything about the move distance so you don’t have to really worry about it.

  • Your city to city moving company will charge you for the overall weight of your items for moving unless you’re moving locally, in which case you will be charged by the hour. After all of your household items have been loaded into the moving truck, your items will be weighed at a licensed weigh station and you will be informed of the precise weight of the stuff you’re tasking with you.
  • What and how many extra services you request will affect greatly the cost of moving from one city to another. Just think about packing – the job that takes the most time to complete – and you should be able to understand why each additional service will burden your set moving budget even more. Even if you haven’t asked for some of those extra services, they may be needed for the successful completion of your new city move.

In any case, because of the excess of question marks surrounding the new city moving rates, the only way to know how much you will pay in advance is to get city to city moving estimates from several top-rated movers /see the city to city moving checklist below/ and compare the received prices and terms before making up your mind once and for all.

Alternatively, use the moving cost calculation tool on the top of the page to get contacted by reputable movers near you for accurate price estimation. Using the cost calculator is 100% free of charge.

City to city moving checklist

As mentioned earlier, successful city to city moving is all about good planning. If you follow the right steps to organizing your own time and finding the best city to city movers, the chances of something going wrong will be close to zero.

Here’s a first-class city to city checklist that you are highly recommended to complete in the presented order:

  1. Are you 100% sure that moving to another city is the right thing to do at this stage in your life? Re-assess the need of new city moving by weighing the pros and cons the way only you know how to do.
  2. Circumstances may be forcing you to move away but your savings may have a very different opinion on the matter. Set a moving budget to see where you stand from a financial point of view.
  3. You’re moving to a new city where you may have never set foot in. Have you secured a job there? What about a place to live? Learn more about your destination city: living costs, housing costs, career prospects, and so on.
  4. Create a personal moving calendar to organize your time like a professional. Make time work for you! The detailed moving timeline should contain all the tasks you know you have to complete prior to your moving date. Prioritize those tasks to get the best results.
  5. Have moving experts from the pre-selected city to city moving companies visit your home for visual cost estimation and risk assessment. Get binding estimates from top-rated city to city movers and compare their offers extremely carefully.
  6. Do a more thorough research of the short-listed moving companies by reading customer reviews about them, checking their reliability on the websites of the U.S. Department of Transportation, the Better Business Bureau, and the American Moving and Storage Association.
  7. It’s crucial that you understand all the prices and conditions laid out in the written estimates. Pay special attention to the additional services and ask for clarification if there’s anything unclear or ambiguous. MUST READ: How to find the best movers near me?
  8. City to city moving

    You need excellent new city movers before you can begin your new city adventure.

    Once you’ve chosen a reliable professional moving partner, it’s time for even tougher decisions: who’s going to do the household packing job – the pro packers or you? Choose wisely.

  9. You will have little to worry about if you can afford to pay for professional packers to pack up you items. Besides having extensive years of experience, reputable movers are also insured so you know you can trust them to do a good job.
  10. If you choose to pack up your possessions by yourself, there’s an extensive list of tasks to follow closely. Avoid the top packing mistakes and you should be able to do a good job protecting your stuff.
  11. Hiring full-service movers is the best thing that can happen to you during that transitional period. But if you really think you can manage it on your own, then it’s time to start thinking about how to get your hands on quality packing supplies for the tough job ahead.
  12. Speaking of packing materials, it’s practical to know that finding free cardboard boxes for packing is a real chance to help out your moving budget. Ask your friends for any moving boxes they won’t use anymore before checking reputable online sites (Freecycle or Craigslist) or visiting local retail stores.
  13. Now this is huge – reduce the number of your items to their absolute minimum to save big! Inventory your home, sort out the possessions you’ve accumulated through the years and get rid of all unwanted items. Just do it. COST-SAVING ADVICE: Clutter unwanted: Get rid of stuff when moving
  14. Don’t forget that you have tons of organizational tasks to finish: from obtaining the required medical and school records and canceling your subscriptions to changing your address and having your utilities transferred. Stick to your moving calendar to stay on the right track.
  15. Moving with children (especially young ones) and pets can make your city to city move a lot harder to organize and execute. Nothing is more important than your loved ones so make sure you dedicate enough time and cares to ensure their well-being and happiness.
  16. Don’t forget about your city to city movers either! Contact them again at least a week prior to Moving day to make sure things are going according to plan.

City to city moving is never an easy thing to do. If your destination city is located in a different state, then there are even more things that you should complete in order to bring the whole relocation business to a successful end. The truth us that as long as you manage to secure a reputable and affordable city to city moving company, you will have at least 50% fewer things to worry about. Either way, consult our Guide to moving to a new state to get the best possible start for your local or cross country move.

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