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How to File a Complaint Against Movers: The 6-Step Complaint Process

The home moving process is rather unpredictable and a relocation success rate of 100% is rarely attainable. No matter how carefully you research your movers when planning your upcoming move, you just can’t have complete control over all aspects of the house move.

For instance, you may hire a moving company and trust their professionalism and experience only to be left disappointed by their service, attitude, or both. But while largely inconsiderate or plain rude movers is something you may be willing to dismiss for the sake of avoiding any confrontations, a late shipment, lost or damaged belongings, or overcharging is a reason enough to seriously consider filing a claim against your movers.

If you’re really unhappy with your moving company and you strongly feel that they should be held responsible for their actions, then you should do what’s necessary to seek your consumer rights. Be proactive!

Follow the next 6 steps to learn how to file a complaint against movers.

WHY file a comp..

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The Value of Sustainability in the Shipping Industry Today

For the past few weeks, we have been witnessing a series of debates and discussions over sustainability in shipping and the importance of cutting down CO2 emissions in order to protect the sea environment from increasing pollution. Last month in London, at a phenomenal four-day deliberation of the IMO delegates, an historic carbon dioxide reduction deal was reached, agreeing that emissions must be cut by 50 percent by 2050.

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Ukraine plans two major projects in Black Sea ports this year

Ukraine plans to launch two major projects in Black Sea ports this year, the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA) said Friday, citing the country’s Infrastructure Minister Volodymyr Omelyan. One of the projects envisages the construction of a container terminal in the port of Chornomorsk, while another project stipulates for the modernization of the port of Yuzhny, the USPA said in a statement.

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Supply Chain Logistics Under Cyber Attack Threat as Maritime Insurers Offer Free Advice

Logistics companies are under attack from cyber criminals every single day and, historically, with some success. Now stakeholders in the community who possibly stand to lose the most in a successful attack, the maritime insurers, have released some frightening facts and offered advice to protect the interests of those occupying the central links of the supply chain.

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Brexit expected to increase supply chain complexity

The UK's withdrawal from the European Union is likely to increase supply chain complexity, according to speakers at the Multimodal exhibition and conference. During a session on Brexit, Peter MacSwiney, chairman of Agency Sector Management (ASM) and co-chair of the Joint Customs Consultative Committee (JCCC) Brexit sub group said that politicians hoped that technology would be able to offset any new supply chain complexity caused by the exit from the EU.

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Port of Montreal project set to expand rail infrastructure

The Canadian government will invest CA$18.4 million to improve rail infrastructure at the Port of Montreal, Minister of Transport Marc Garneau announced last week. The intermodal project will “optimize” the port's rail network capacity, particularly in the port's interchange zone.

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20 Simple and Easy Ways to Reduce Moving Costs

There’s a good reason why the home moving process is almost always described as stressful and expensive, and that reason is that it actually is stressful and expensive.

While that combination is not very promising for anyone who’s getting ready to move out, the good news – understand the light at the end of the tunnel – is that there are many [20] ways to reduce moving costs.

And when used smartly, those 20 tips for cutting moving costs and expenses will make all the difference in the world for people moving on a tight budget.

Are you ready to learn how to reduce your moving costs?

#1. Hire an affordable moving company
Without a doubt, hiring a low-cost mover is one of the best ways to trim moving costs. Ultimately, no two professional moving companies charge the same for their services, so it’s a matter of comparing at least 3 different price quotes to choose the one that agrees to your budget.

It’s always a bonus to find a cheap mover but be mindful that sometimes lower rates ca..

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What the Denham amendment means for the trucking industry

The Denham-Cuellar-Costa Amendment has garnered mixed reaction from the trucking industry. The American Trucking Associations (ATA) believes the amendment will help streamline interstate commerce by federalizing hours-of-service rules, but the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) believes the amendment will rob truck drivers of needed rest breaks and rightful pay.

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Select the Perfect Bay Area Cross Country Movers for Your Journey

cross country poses many additional challenges
compared to a local move. Whether you’re moving to the East Coast to start a
new career or leaving the Bay Area after getting married, uprooting your life
and making a long journey can be a wonderfully exciting time!
Of course, moving is also o…

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Singapore to set up up maritime cybersecurity centre

Speaking at a Maritime Cyber Security Seminar in Singapore Tuesday, Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore chairman Niam Chiang Meng pledged the authority's continued support towards awareness building and capability development to help the industry boost its cyber resilience.

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