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Time to look beyond the e-AWB

The air cargo industry needs to start looking beyond the electronic air waybill (e-AWB) as supply chains will rely increasingly on digital technology.

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South Carolina ports take delivery of two giant cranes

The South Carolina Ports Authority late last week took delivery of two super post-Panamax cranes as part of preparations for big-ship readiness, authority officials announced yesterday. The cranes will provide 155 feet of lift height from the dock to enable SCPA to work larger container cargo ships.

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3PL Perspectives 2016

It has been an interesting year for logistics and the supply chain. The United States continues to recover from the 2008 recession. The trucking capacity crisis finally broke, though the driver shortage continues in select lanes and many experts predict another capacity crunch looms for 2017. American transportation infrastructure continues to crumble as it remains chronically underfunded.

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Update on current status of Yemen ports

The Standard P&I Club provides update on the current status of Yemen ports and the relevant procedures for entering territorial waters.As of August 18th, 2016 the following ports are fully operational: Aden, Ash Shihr, Balhaf, Hodeidah , Mokha and Saleef. The port of Ras Isa is currently closed.

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Korea, UN work together on port development issues

The Korean government and the United Nations have agreed to form a partnership to work on developing ports across Latin America and East Asia. Currently, many ports in those regions face capacity challenges due to a lack of infrastructure, despite rapid economic growth and a growing volume of cargo.

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Blimps are back, baby

“Is this the dawning of a new age of the airship?” gushed the Guardian’s headline the morning after Hybrid Air Vehicles debuted their Airlander 10 in front of representatives of the media and aviation enthusiasts in rural Bedfordshire, U.K. It can carry a 10-tonne payload and was developed with $300 million in funding from the U.S. Air Force. Hybrid Air Vehicles says the Airlander 10 can reach 16,000 feet, fly at up to 90 miles per hour and stay aloft for two weeks.

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In New York, Natural Gas Growing Slowly as Alternative Fuel for Trucks

CEO Andrew West said American National Gas is bullish on natural gas for a few reasons. The technology to run commercial trucks with compressed natural gas has existed for decades, he said, but a combination of low, stable natural-gas prices and improved technology recently has made gas engines attractive and a network of CNG stations a safer investment.

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Panama Canal: Lane Outages

The west lane of Miraflores Locks will be out of service beginning late Monday, August 22 for scheduled dry chamber seal repairs on Miter gates 106-107, 114-115, 118-199 and 122-123. The repairs are planned to last four days to August 26.

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Obama puts Congress on notice: TPP is coming

The White House put Congress on notice Friday morning that it will be sending lawmakers a bill to implement President Barack Obama’s landmark Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement — a move intended to infuse new energy into efforts to ratify the flat-lining trade pact.

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Economic Slump Sends Big Ships to Scrap Heap

Up until a year ago, the shipping industry was ordering ships in droves. This year, orders of new vessels have fallen to a record low and companies can’t get rid of ships fast enough.

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